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Mobile surgical module in ATO zone

Hospital fon


After we met with the soldiers, who had returned from ATO zone, and also with the doctors, who have been saving lives of our Military in the area of holding of military operation, the team of "Army of Ukrainian Patriots" together with indifferent people decided to make a reality of the new project, which, is urgently needed for saving lives of our heroes - "Mobile surgical module".

According to high qualified doctors, many fatal cases among wounded soldiers are caused by inability to ensure needed urgent medical help because of absence of medical equipment and equipped places for holding operations in the area of ATO. For such cases in many countries of the world were created special container-type surgical modules, which include all important medical equipment for providing medical treatment, have enough of mobility and power, water and all the other first-need stuff.

Availability of such module in the region of ATO will multiply number of saved lives of the soldiers, as at this moment ATO doctors don`t have possibility to make operations in the field-type hospitals and can provide only first initial help. After that, all the patients need to be brought to cities where the hospitals are located, but in the most cases soldiers` chances for life are measure in hours and minutes... That`s why this module will be placed in the safe zone close to the area of military actions in order to provided help to our heroes as soon as possible. Our aim is to struggle for each life!




This mobile hospital will be transferred for use of 79th airmobile brigade of GVA Armed Forces of Ukraine. This is the document that proves our agreement and stamped by the Ministry of Defence:




1. Surgical table - BIOMED- 3008 (А)
2. Surgical lamp - L-2000-3-II
3. Locker - ГП-20
4. Defibrillator- ДКІ-Н-15 Biphasic
5. Monitor of the patient - INTELLIVUE MP20
6. Syringe dispenser- SK-500 I
7. Anesthesiologist table– СА
8. Working surface made of stainless steel
9. Two lockers.
10. Safe for drugs.
11. Chairs – 2
12. Phone (military)
13. Germicidal Lamps – 2
14. Lamps for general lighting -220 В.
15. Emergency Lighting Lamps – 12 В.
16. Air-conditioners
17. Heater
18. Plug with stationary oxygen system with a flow meter
and humidifier Н-550


Protection from:

Submachine gun АК-74 (bullet 5,45 mm, cartridge7Н6)
Submachine gun АКМ (bullet 7,62 mm, cartridge 7Н657-Н-231)
Rifle SVD (bullet 7,62 mm, cartridge 57-Н-323с)
NEEDED SUM: 12 000 USD (according to the currency rate)

Banking accounts for donations:
Bank "PrivatBank" MFI 380775
UAH № 26001056108233
USA № 26002056105934
EUR № 26007056105876


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